6-8 OCTOBER 1995

The seventh Annual Meeting of the Society was held 6-8 October 1995 at the Charles H. Pack Forest Conference Center (UW), Eatonville, Washington. An "unstructured social" was held Friday evening, October 6, followed by the Business Meeting.73

President Hal Weeks called the Business Meeting to order at 2020 hours. Weeks called for the roll to be taken; 23 of 101 Fellows of the Society were present (Fig. 38). Nine Founding Fellows were in attendance. Past Presidents Dunn, Markle, and Pietsch were present. Council members in attendance were Fellows Brogan, Quinn, Shedlock, Sogard, Hixon, and Weeks.74

Twenty-one new Fellows were inducted into the Society (App. 13, Fig. 39). Phillip Harris was elected President for 1996. Newly inducted Fellow David Wolfe Wagman, from Oregon, was elected Secretary. New Council members (Class of 1998) elected at this meeting to represent Washington were Jean Dunn, Brian Beckman, and Wayne Palsson; from Oregon the members elected were Chris Toole, Chris Donohoe, and Rolland White.75

President Weeks asked for a discussion of "Old Business." Secretary Orr produced updated lists of e-mail and mail addresses of Society members. Incoming Secretary Wagman was to be responsible for processing and distributing this new list. As he was directed to do last year, Secretary Orr read the revision of the section, "Of the President," of Chapter 1 of the Bye-Laws. The revised version of Section read: "The business of the Vice President, in the absence of the President, shall be to preside at the Annual Meeting and to perform the duties of the President." A motion to change this section was defeated by a volume voice vote. The Bye-Laws remained unchanged.76

President Weeks then turned the meeting over to Vice President Shedlock. He then discussed various "white papers" he had been directed to prepare (Fig. 40). Weeks first discussed the incorporation of the Society. His conclusion was that the Society should not incorporate, but should consider purchasing short-term liability insurance for each annual meeting. After discussion by the members, President Weeksís first "white paper" was accepted.77, 78

The second "white paper" submitted by President Weeks concerned the merits of the Foreign Fellows category of the Society. Foreign Fellow Brittan noted that both David Starr Jordan and Charles Henry Gilbert would be termed "Foreign Fellows" should they be nominated for membership in the Society. President Weeksís recommendation to abolish the Foreign Fellows category was accepted by the membership and Secretary Wagman was directed to prepare a suitable amendment to the Charter.79

President Weeks third "white paper" was concerned with the issue of sending meeting announcements to "inactive members." Weeksís definition of "inactive member" was "any member who missed two consecutive annual meetings." He recommended that inactive members not receive mailings announcing the Annual Meeting unless they explicitly request them. The recommendation was accepted by the Society.80

The gavel was passed back to President Weeks who continued the Business Meeting. Two further items of "Old Business" concerned whether or not to assess dues to Society members and whether or not to create and publish a journal, tentatively titled "Gilbertia." Weeks called upon Past President Pietsch to consider these issues. Pietsch discussed the need for a publication and the assessment of dues to support the publication. This issue was opened to debate. The discussion centered around three questions: 1) is there a need for a journal; 2) what quality of papers would exist for such a journal; and 3) would the journal fill an unfilled niche? After considerable spirited discussion, a motion was made to table the recommendation to create a publication and to have the Officers, Council, and Fellow Pietsch develop a 10-year plan to determine the feasibility of a publicationóits market, niche, and costs. The motion passed 20 to 10.81

President Weeks then turned the gavel over to the new President, James Orr. President Orr then directed Secretary Wagman to assume his duties. Orr then appointed Christopher James Donohoe (1958-) as Vice President. The Business Meeting adjourned at 1305 hours.82

Saturday was devoted to contributed papers. Twenty papers were presented (App. 14). An outdoor banquet, featuring barbequed salmon, was held under the pavilion. A post-banquet talk was given by Paul Galvin, University College, Cork, Ireland. He spoke on "Fishing for research in the European Union: An Irish perspecive."83 The meeting concluded after breakfast on Sunday morning. A notice of the meeting was published in Copeia (Anon., 1996).

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