APPENDIX 14. Papers presented at the seventh Annual Meeting of the Gilbert Ichthyological Society, Eatonville,Washington, 6-8 October 1995.1

0830 Brian Beckman:"Growth mediated plasticity of smoltification in spring chinook salmon."
0845 J. Richard Dunn:"Charles Henry Gilbert (1859-1928), naturalist-in-charge: The 1906 North Pacific expedition of the Steamer Albatross."
0900 Ronald A. Fritzsche and Kenichiro Komori*:"Observations on the osteological development of ragfish (Icosteus aenigmaticus)."
0915 Phillip W. Harris:"Temporal variation in tui chubs (Gila bicolor) from Summer Lake Basin, Oregon."
0930 Mark A. Hixon* and M. H. Carr:"Combined effects of settlement density and predation on recruitment success of a coral reef fish."
0945 Willis Hobart:"The 125 years of National Marine Fisheries Service history."
1000 Break
1030 Mark R. Jennings:"The 1903 Alaska fisheries diary of Cloudsley Louis Rutter."
1045 Sharon Kramer:"Use of shallow water habitats versus nursery areas by lutjanids of the Great Barrier Reef, Australia."
1100 Susanne F. McDermott* and Sandra Lowe:"Reproductive cycle and sexual maturity of Atka mackeral (Pleurogrammus monopterygius) in Alaskan waters."
1115 Helen Mulligan,* Arthur W. Kendall, Jr., and Ann C. Matarese:"Genetic and morphological variation of rock sole (Pleuronectes bilineatus) from the northeastern Pacific Ocean and the Bering Sea."
1130 Timothy Mulligan* and Helen Mulligan:"The surf zone fish community associated with drift macroalgae in Trinidad Bay, California."
1145 Lunch
1315 James W. Orr:"Monophyly and position of the Gasterosteiformes (Teleostei: Gasteromorpha)."
1330 Ruth B. Phillips:"Evolutionary relationships among chars inferred from DNA sequences."
1345 Michael W. Prall* and Timothy Mulligan:"Fishes associated with three distinct eelgrass (Zostera marina) in Humboldt Bay, California."
1400 Break
1430 Thomas P. Quinn:"Brown bear predation on adult sockeye salmon."
1445 Justin Rhodes,* Russell D. Fernald, and Richard C. Francis:"Social influence on sex determination in the in the African cichlid fish, Astatotilapia burtoni."
1500 Paul Sikkel:"Female mate-search tactics in a site-attached marine fish."
1515 Eric B. Taylor:"Evidence for natural hybridization between bulltrout and Dolly Varden char in two British Columbia watersheds."
1530 Margaret Docker:"Phylogeny of the lamprey genus Lampetra inferred from cytochrome b and Nde gene sequences."
1545 Hadee Khan:"Underwater adventures in Lake Malawi."

1 Gilbert Ichthyological Society Archives, Folder 8, File 2, Agenda for October 7, 1995.

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