About Gilbert Ichthyological Society

The Gilbert Fisheries Society, a short-lived organization founded in 1931 at the then Department of Fisheries, University of Washington (Copeia 1931:71), and named for celebrated ichthyologist Charles Henry Gilbert (1859-1928), has been reconstituted and renamed "The Gilbert Ichthyological Society." The primary purpose of the Society is to foster communication in the Pacific Northwest concerning all things ichthyological. The first annual meeting of the Society, held October 7, 1989 on the campus of the University of Washington, was attended by 24 people from throughout the states of Washington and Oregon. J. Richard Dunn was elected the first president; Douglas F. Markle, vice-president and president elect; and Phillip M. Harris secretary. Papers were presented by fifteen fellows of the Society. Evening festivities were highlighted by a Presidential Address given by Gilbert Scholar J. Richard Dunn.

Since the first meeting in 1989, membership in the Society has grown to over 323 fellows (see "The List"), and an annual meeting has been held each year, alternating between locations in Washington and Oregon.

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