17-19 SEPTEMBER 1993

The Fifth Annual Meeting of the Society was held at the Cispus Learning Center in Randall, Washington, from 17-19 September 1993. President Carl Bond welcomed the attendees and called for the roll to be taken. Forty-two Fellows were present, including eight Founding Fellows (Fig. 34). Twelve new Fellows were inducted, including Peter Briggs Moyle (1942-) as Distinguished Fellow (Fig. 35, App. 9). Mark Hixon and Harold John Weeks (1955-) were nominated for President for 1994. A written ballot was then conducted and Weeks was elected President.59

President Bond asked for discussion of items of "Old Business." He reported on two items that had been referred to the Executive Committee the previous year. First, the Committee recommended that nominees who had not yet attended a meeting of the Society be given three years to take the oath, after which their nominations would be canceled. Second, that an "Inactive Fellows" list be developed for the names of Fellows who had not attended a meeting in the past three years, have moved to other countries, or who are no longer ichthyologists.60 President-elect Palsson moved that the term "Inactive Fellows" be changed to "remove from mailing list." The motion was seconded by Fellow Pietsch and passed with one opposed.

A third issue concerned the tabled motion that Canadians be recognized as "Fellows" rather than "Foreign Fellows." After spirited discussion, and affirmation of support for Canadian members, Fellow Pietsch asked that the motion be withdrawn. Fellow Dodge then withdrew the motion.61

President Bond then turned the meeting over to the new President, Wayne Palsson (Fig. 36). President Palsson appointed Ted Pietsch as Vice President of the Society. Phil Harris raised a point-of-order about the legality of appointing a vice-president from the same state as the president. A review of the Bye-Laws revealed no conflict in this arrangement.62

No items of "New Business" were proposed by the membership. President Palsson then discussed issues related to the Society incorporating as a tax-exempt organization. The Business Meeting adjourned at 1004 hours.63

Saturday was devoted to oral presentations of papers. Seventeen papers were presented (App. 10). After a banquet dinner, two speakers were featured. Fellow Mark Russell Jennings spoke on "Pacific salmon biologists of the Sacramento River: A historical perspective of 19th century fisheries management." Peter and Marilyn Moyle discussed "Fish imagery in art."64 Notice of the meeting was published in Copeia (Anon., 1994).

Monthly meetings of the Society were held by the Washington contingent in 1993. Fellow Morgan Busby (1960-) spoke at the January meeting on "The larval fish labs of Poland." Tim Berra, from Ohio State University at Mansfield, spoke in May about megamouth, Megachasma pelagios. Guests at the May meeting included Kunio Amaoka from the Faculty of Fisheries, Hokkaido University, Japan; Bruce B. Collette from the Systematics Laboratory, National Marine Fisheries Service, Washington, D.C.; and William J. Richards, National Marine Fisheries Service, Miami, Florida.65

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