11-13 OCTOBER 1991

The third Annual Meeting of the Society was held at the Friday Harbor Laboratories (UW), Friday Harbor, Washington from 11-13 October 1991. An "unstructured social" was held before the Business Meeting (Figs. 14, 15). President Douglas Markle presided over the Business Meeting, which began at 2200 hours. Twenty-three of the 44 Fellows of the Society were present. Twenty-one new individuals were approved for membership, seventeen of which were present and inducted into the Society, including four individuals nominated either in 1989 or 1990 (App. 5; Fig. 16).41

Carl Bond, from Oregon, was unanimously elected President for 1992. No "Old Business" was proposed for discussion. President Markle therefore turned the gavel over to President-elect Ted Pietsch (Fig. 17).42

President Pietsch appointed Mark Anthony Hixon (1951-) as Vice-President. President Pietsch then moved that Fellow Dunn be appointed Society Historian for Life. The motion was approved by acclamation. President Pietsch displayed a new logo for the Society (Fig. 18). The new logo was unanimously approved.43

President Pietsch then moved that the Society publish a journal provisionally titled Occasional Papers of the Gilbert Ichthyological Society. Discussion ensued about the need, costs, and other aspects of publishing a journal. Fellow Wayne Alexis Palsson (1955-) moved to table the motion. The motion was seconded and unanimously approved.44 Past President Markle briefly discussed plans for the 1992 Annual Meeting to be held in Oregon.

Twenty papers were read on Saturday (App. 6). The conference concluded with a banquet of barbecue halibut on Saturday evening (Figs. 19, 20). The fellows departed Friday Harbor after breakfast on Sunday morning. A notice of the meeting was published in Copeia (Anon., 1992).

The Washington Chapter of the Society had a vigorous program of monthly meetings in 1991, highlighted by three "field trips." The first expedition in February was to Slip Point, Washington, to collect intertidal fishes and demersal egg masses (Figs. 21, 22). A summer excursion was made to Idaho to search for fossil fishes in the beds near Clarkia, Idaho, close to the Washington border (Figs. 23, 24). The third trek was an "April Fool" expedition to Archie McPhee, a novelty store in Seattle, arranged by Fellow Palsson. "Outfitters of Popular Culture," Archie McPhee stocks a rather amazing assortment of curious, including a remarkable collection of rubber and plastic fishes (Fig. 25). The purpose of the Society expedition to the store was to identify and label the fishes in Archie McPhee's inventory and to select representative samples (i.e., types) to bring back to the UW Fish Collection.45 The expedition was noticed by one of the two Seattle daily newspapers.46

A collage of photographs of Charles Henry Gilbert was posted in the Prep Room of the UW Fish Collection (Fig. 26). President Pietsch thought a bust of Charles Henry should be sculptured as a monument to both Gilbert and the Society (Fig. 27). Unfortunately, the estimated cost for the statue of $18,500 appeared to be beyond the financial means of the Society.46

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