5-7 OCTOBER 1990

The second Annual Meeting of the Society was held in Newport, Oregon, at the Hatfield Marine Science Center, Oregon State University, from 5-7 October 1990. An "unstructured social" was held Friday evening, 5 October (Figs. 8, 9).27

On Saturday morning, President Dunn presided over a formal Business Meeting. The role of Society Fellows was called and 14 of the 25 founding Fellows were present. Sixty people attended (Fig. 10) from Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia (Anon., 1991).28 Twenty-one new Fellows were inducted into the Society (App. 3, Fig. 11).29 President Dunn opened the floor for nominations for President for 1991. President-elect Markle nominated Ted Pietsch. The nomination was approved unanimously.30

Under "Old Business," Dunn reported that, as part of his historical research on Charles Henry Gilbert, he had visited Mr. and Mrs. William Woodruff Gilbert of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Mr. Gilbert (1921-1995), the grandson of Charles Henry, was a prominent attorney in that city.31 Dunn also reported that he had met Cynthia Braun Murphy, a great granddaughter of Gilbert. Dunn then turned the gavel over to the incoming President, Douglas Markle (Fig. 12).

Markle discussed the Society logo. The sense of the membership was that further design work on the logo was required.32 The Washington contingent proposed Friday Harbor, Washington, as the site for the 1991 Annual Meetings.33

On Saturday, 23 people presented papers (App. 4). A formal banquet was held that evening (Fig. 13).34, 35 A notice of the meeting was published in Copeia (Anon., 1991).

Monthly meetings of the Washington Chapter of the Society were instituted in February, 1990. Initially these meetings were merely "get-togethers" for food, drink, and conversation among Gilbert Society members. Meeting locations varied at first, usually being held in a restaurant or tavern.36 Subsequently, meetings were held in the prep room of the UW Fish Collection (www.uwfishcollection.org) in the Fisheries Teaching and Research Building on the UW campus.37, 38 Beer and food (sometimes elaborate hors d'oeuvres) were furnished.39 Invited speakers frequently addressed the gatherings.

In March 1990, the Society secured the services of a calligrapher, Kristine Johnson Shanahan (1947-2002) to permanently, and in elegant style, record the minutes of the Annual Meetings of the Society. These minutes were recorded in the Society Minute Book.40

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