6-8 OCTOBER 2000

The 12th Annual Meeting of the Gilbert Ichthyological Society was held from 6-8 October 2000 at the Pack Forest Conference Center, Eatonville, Washington (Figs. 57, 58, 59). An "unstructured reception" was held Friday evening before the Business Meeting. President Rollie White called the Business Meeting to order at 1928 hours. Twenty-two of 192 Fellows were in attendance (Fig. 60), including seven Founding Fellows and four Council members. Eight new members were inducted into the Society (Fig. 61, App. 22).115

Fellow Ronald Fritzsche was unanimously elected President of the Society for 2001. Fellow Fritzsche appointed Fellow Wagman as his Vice-President. There being no "Old Business," President White then passed the gavel to incoming President Jean Richard Dunn.116

Under "New Business," President Dunn talked about the low attendance at this Annual Meeting. The Pack Forest Conference Center required that the Society guarantee 60 overnight guests in order to enjoy sole use of the facilities at the conference center. Only 39 members registered for an overnight stay, with several "no shows" occurring, which led to a significant deficit. Fellow Weeks suggested that we wait until next year at the Oregon meeting where costs would be less before making a decision about future costs. President Dunn directed the Council to address the issues and report at the next meeting. The Business Meeting was adjourned at 2038 hours, 6 October 2001.117

Eighteen papers were presented on Saturday 7 October (Fig. 62, App. 23). The annual banquet was held that evening (Fig. 63). Fellow Weeks gave the post-banquet address, substituting for the scheduled speaker who had become ill (Fig. 64). The title of his talk was "The Ecology of Bycatch in Marine Fisheries." President Dunn thanked Fellow Weeks for his fine talk on such short notice. After breakfast on Sunday morning, the 12th Annual Meeting of the Society concluded.118 A notice of the meeting was published in Copeia (Anon., 2001).

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