18-20 SEPTEMBER 1998

Based on the Charter of the Society, the 1998 Annual Meeting would be held in Oregon, as meetings normally alternate between sites in Oregon and Washington. Two reasons were put forward for holding the 1998 meeting in Washington. First, the 1997 meeting was considerably abbreviated, consisting only of a Business Meeting due to itís being held jointly with the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists. A second, and more pressing, reason was that Mrs. Dorothy T. Gilbert, the granddaughter-in-law of Charles Henry Gilbert, had expressed an avid interest in attending an Annual Meeting of the Society. Mrs. Gilbert had planned on visiting her daughter, Mary, in Vancouver, British Columbia, in the fall of 1998 and she indicated to Fellow Dunn that she would detour to Seattle to attend the next Annual Meeting.102

After correspondence between Fellow Pietsch, President Busby, Fellow Markle, and President-elect White, it was agreed to hold the 1998 meeting in Washington. Holding the meeting in Washington for two consecutive years would cause problems in that the President-elect (in this case Rollie White of Oregon) would be responsible for planning a meeting in a state other than his own. After consultation among the various people concerned about this situation, it was agreed among the participants that President Morgan Busby would continue as President for 1998 and President-elect White would assume office in 1999.103 Ted Pietsch handled all arrangements for the meeting.

The 10th Annual Meeting of the Society was therefore held from 18-20 September 1998 at the Friday Harbor Laboratories of the University of Washington in Friday Harbor, Washington.104 As usual, an "unstructured social" was held prior to the Business Meeting. Only 19 of 140 Fellows of the Society, including six Founding Fellows, were present (Fig. 46). Sixteen new members were inducted into the Society (Fig. 47, App. 18). Fellow Dunn introduced Mrs. Gilbert. She was recognized for her generosity in establishing a research fund in ichthyology at the School of Fisheries (UW). The Society bestowed Mrs. Gilbert with honorary membership in the Society and presented her a diploma (Fig. 48). Mrs. Gilbertís remarks, in commenting on Charles Henry Gilbert, were candid. She indicated that Charles Henry was a strict family man, and a teetotaler who was a stern disciplinarian. She said "He was a bit of a tartar with very strict Victorian views of his family, he was not much of a family man, and not very likeable (Fig. 49)."105

Under "Old Business" President Busby noted that because of the location and timing of the 1997 and 1998 Annual Meetings of the Society, the Washington contingent had to arrange these meetings (Figs. 50, 51). Busby suggested that elections should be postponed for one year to correct the status of the President-elect being from the state that will host the next meeting. President-elect White had no objection to this and the membership expressed agreement.106

Fellow Orr (Past Secretary and Past President) was nominated for another term as Secretary by Fellow Pietsch. The motion was seconded and unanimously approved. President Busby suggested that the Society consider a single meeting place, such as Pack Forest, instead of alternating between Oregon and Washington. Fellow Orr pointed out that Washington members would have to arrange the meetings every year. This latter situation met with approval from the Oregon members, but definitely not from the Washington contingent. Fellow Markle moved to make Pack Forest the permanent annual meeting location. The motion was rejected by the membership. In additional "Old Business," the first two items were the reading of proposed amendments to the Charter and to the Bye-Laws. Chapter 12 of the Charter, First Amendment, established a position of Parliamentarian of the Society, and Chapter 7, Section 2, Fourth Amendment to the Bye-Laws, modified the wording of the requirement of the Secretary to notify members of the Society about Annual Meetings. The amendments were approved by voice vote of the members.107

Under "New Business," President Busby mentioned the possible association of the Society with the Society of Northwestern Vertebrate Biology (SNVB), which planned to accept papers on fishes for publication in their journal Northwestern Naturalist. Spirited discussion ensued over the merits of GIS associating with SNVB. The result was a motion to have the President investigate SNVB and report to the members about page charges and the charter and bye-laws of the organization. Further questions from the membership included: do they drink beer; do they have a sense of humor; do they pay dues and, if so, how much; and do they have "Tee"-shirts? Fellow Markle asked if the Gilbert Ichthyological Society could pick and nominate associate editors who would review manuscripts on fishes? The motion passed by vocal proclamation. The 10th Annual Business Meeting adjourned at 2043 hours. 108 A live band provided music after the Business Meeting and beer drinking was continued.

Per the normal procedure, Saturday, 19 September, was devoted to the presentation of scientific papers. Nineteen papers were presented (App. 19).109 A banquet of barbeque halibut was provided. A notice of the Annual Meeting was published in Copeia (Anon., 1999).

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