1999 Annual GIS Meeting

The Gilbert Ichthyological Society (GIS) held its eleventh annual meeting 17-19 September 1999 at the Mark O. Hatfield Marine Science Center, Newport, Oregon. Resurrected in 1989 from the Gilbert Fisheries Society, a short-lived organization founded in 1931 at the then Department of Fisheries, University of Washington (see Copeia 1931:71), the GIS is named for celebrated ichthyologist Charles Henry Gilbert (1859-1928), who either by himself or as coauthor (most often with David Starr Jordan) was responsible for the discovery and naming of approximately 117 new genera and about 620 new species of fishes, including about 25% of the fish fauna of Washington and Oregon. The primary purpose of the GIS is to foster communication in the Pacific Northwest concerning all things ichthyological.

The 1999 meeting was attended by some 45 people from Washington, Oregon, California, and British Columbia. Jean Richard Dunn was elected President for the year 2000, and Ronald A. Fritzsche, Vice-President for 1999. Seventeen new fellows were added to the society, bringing the total membership to 185.
Papers were presented by S. Berkeley, M. Blovin, M. Busby, G. Castillo, M. Cavalluzzi, C. Chapman, D. Chelton, W. Contreras-Sanchez, J. Dunn, R. Fritzsche, G. Hoff, Y.-W. Lee, D. Markle, J. Orr, T. Pietsch, W. Pinnix, C. Ryer, D. Sampson, B. Shields, D. Stevenson, K. Thiesfield, S. van de Wettering, D. Wagman, H. Weeks, and R. White. The keynote banquet address was given by Barry Fisher, a guest from the fishing industry of the Oregon coast.
Next year's meeting will be held at the University of Washington's Pack Forest Conference Center in Eatonville, Washington. For more information about the society, see the GIS homepage on the Internet, available through ARTEDI, the University of Washington Fish Collection's web server, at ; or contact J. W. Orr, Secretary, Gilbert Ichthyological Society, National Marine Fisheries Service, Alaska Fisheries Science Center, RACE Division, 7600 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle, Washington 98115 .

AGENDA for the Eleventh Annual Meeting of the Gilbert Ichthyological Society, held on the Eighteenth of September, One Thousand Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine, at the Hatfield Marine Science Center of Oregon State University, Newport, Oregon:

0800-0900: Coffee and pastries in the library

Poster: Barbara SHIELDS et al., "Feeding strategies of rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss, in the upper Deschutes Basin."

0900-0930: J. Richard DUNN, "The work is the thing: William Francis Thompson (1888-1965) and the development of fishery science in North America."

0930-1000: Stan van de WETTERING, "Life history aspects in Pacific Lamprey smolts."

1000-1015: James Wilder ORR and Morgan Scott BUSBY, "New and rare fishes of the Aleutian Islands."

1015-1030: BREAK

1030-1100: T. W. PIETSCH, "The International Kuril Island Project: Accomplishments and Future Directions."

1100-1115: Yong-Woo LEE and David SAMPSON, "Long-term growth variability of the fish species off Oregon."

1115-1130: Colin CHAPMAN and Steven A. BERKELEY, "Recruitment variability in black rockfish (Sebastes melanops): effects of maternal age on offspring survivial."

1130-1145: Duane E. STEVENSON, "Discovery of the holotype of Chaenogobius annularis Gill and its taxonomic consequences."

1145-1200: Douglas F. MARKLE, "Siuslaw Redside shiner taxonomy."

1200-1300: LUNCH

1300-1330: Clifford RYER, "The dark side of planktivore foraging and predator avoidance."

1330-1345: Martin CAVALLUZZI and Douglas F. MARKLE, "Morphology of Klamath Basin suckers."

1345-1400: William PINNIX, Dudley CHELTON, and Steven A. BERKELEY, "Otolith growth versus somatic growth of sablefish, Anoplopoma fimbria."

1400-1415: Steven A. BERKELEY and Gonzalo C. CASTILLO, "Assessing year-class strength of sablefish from recruitment indices of neustonic juveniles."

1415-1430: Gerald R. HOFF, "Are changes in fish populations real or artifactual."

1430-1445: BREAK

1445-1500: K. G. THIESFIELD and R. A. FRITZSCHE, "The Ins and outs of moving a fish collection."

1550-1515: Douglas F. MARKLE, "Speculations on the Missoula floods and distribution of Oregon freshwater fishes."

1515-1545: Steven A. BERKELEY and Hal WEEKS, "Uncertainty and the precautionary principle: why traditional approaches to fisheries management fall short."

1545-1600: Wilfrido CONTRERAS-SANCHEZ, "Masculinization of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) by immersions in synthetic steroids: in the search for an environmentally safe and reliable technique."

1600-1615: D. W. WAGMAN, M. BLOVIN, and D. F. MARKLE, "Evolutionary and ecological implications of the Ankyrin G locus in Klamath Basin suckers (family Catostomidae)."

1615-1620: Summary statement and official adjournment of the 1999 meeting.

1900-???: BANQUET DINNER in the library seminar room.

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