1998 Annual GIS Meeting

The Gilbert Ichthyological Society (GIS) held its tenth annual meeting 18-20 September 1998 at the Friday Harbor Laboratories of the University of Washington. Resurrected in 1989 from the Gilbert Fisheries Society, a short-lived organization founded in 1931 at the then Department of Fisheries, University of Washington (see Copeia 1931:71), the GIS is named for celebrated ichthyologist Charles Henry Gilbert (1859-1928), who either by himself or as coauthor (most often with David Starr Jordan) was responsible for the discovery and naming of approximately 117 new genera and about 620 new species of fishes, including about 25% of the fish fauna of Washington and Oregon. The primary purpose of the GIS is to foster communication in the Pacific Northwest concerning all things ichthyological.

The Friday Harbor meeting was attended by some 56 people from Washington, Oregon, California, and British Columbia. Morgan S. Busby and Christopher L. Toole were retained as President and Vice-president, respectively, for another year. Our special guest, Dorothy T. Gilbert, wife of the late William W. Gilbert and granddaughter-in-law of our beloved Charles Henry Gilbert, was made an Honorary Fellow Summa Laude Dignatus. Seventeen new fellows were added to the society, bringing the total membership to 167. Papers were presented by B. Beckman, P. Bentzen, M. Busby, V. Butler, B. Byrne, B. Dickerson, A. Kendall, M. Kinnison, C. Lorion, M. McCusker, J. McLean, J. O'Malley, J. Orr, T. Quinn, S. Reid, C. Sharpe, A. Spidle, R. Reuter, and M. Unwin.

For more information about the Society, see the GIS website on the Internet, available through ARTEDI, the University of Washington Fish Collection's web server, at http://artedi.washington.edu or contact James W. Orr, Secretary, Alaska Fisheries Science Center, RACE Division, 7600 Sand Point Way N.E., Seattle, Washington 98115-0070. Copies of the Charter and By-laws of the Society are available upon request.

AGENDA for the Tenth Annual Meeting of the Gilbert Ichthyological Society, held on the Eighteenth, Nineteenth, and Twentieth of September, One thousand nine hundred and ninety eight, at the Friday Harbor Laboratories of the University of Washington, Seattle, Washington

Friday, 18 September 1998:

1. Call to Order (1500 hrs): President Busby.

2. Welcoming Remarks: President Busby.

3. Call of the Role: Secretary Wagman.

4. Introduction of Guests: President Busby. Recognize Dorothy Gilbert, Founding Members, Past Presidents, Members of the Council

5. Reading of the minutes of the 1997 Annual Meeting: Secretary Wagman

6. Motion to approve and accept the minutes.

7. Comments on the Origin of the Society, and of Our Beloved Namesake Charles Henry Gilbert: Society-Historian-for-Life J. R. Dunn

8. EXECUTIVE SESSION: Presentation of New Fellow Nominations to the Secretary for reading.

9. Motion to accept the nominees.

10. Restoration of FULL SESSION.

11. Induction of New Fellows: (President Busby) Brief history of the Gilbert Bible, reading of the Oath.

12. Special Discussion: Postponement of Elections.

13. Old Business

a. Reading of Chapter 12, amendment 1 to the Charter and amendment 4 to the Bye-laws

14. New Business

a. Society for Northwestern Vertebrate Biology - publication

15. Closing Announcements. 1999 meetings in Oregon. A few comments by the President-elect.

16. Call for Adjournment.

Saturday, 19 September 1998:

8:00-8:30: BREAKFAST


9:00: Brian BECKMAN: "Charles Henry Gilbert, Scale Patterns, Salmon Life Histories, and Typological Thinking."

9:15: Paul BENTZEN and J. B. OLSEN: "Application of microsatellites to Conservation Genetics of Pacific Salmon."

9:30: Morgan BUSBY, Deborah BLOOD, and Dan NICHOL: "Spawning and Development of Eggs and Larvae of the Bigmouth Sculpin Hemitripterus bolini (Scorpaeniformes: Hemitripteridae)."

9:45: Virginia BUTLER: "Ancient DNA from Salmon Bone."

10:00: Barb BYRNE: "Modification of Microhabitat Association in the Beau Gregory Damselfish by Post-Settlement Processes."


10:45: Art KENDALL and Jay ORR: "Definitely More Than You Want to Know About Rockfishes."

11:00: Mike KINNISON: "A Century of Evolution in 15 Minutes: More on New Zealand Chinook Salmon."

11:15: Chris LORION, Doug MARKLE, and Stewart REID: "Rediscovery and Redescription of the Miller Lake Lamprey."

11:30: Megan McCUSKER: "The Biogeography and Conservation of Oncorhynchus mykiss in British Columbia."

11:45: Jennifer McLEAN: "Marine Population Structure in an Anadromous Species: Mitochondrial Genetic Analysis of Eulachon."


2:00: Joseph O'MALLEY and Donald PEARSON: "Examination of Oxytetracycline Marked Otoliths of Sablefish (Anoplopoma fimbria) from the U.S. West Coast: A Preliminary Report."

2:15: Art KENDALL and Jay ORR: "Sebastes Phylogenetics Using Early Life History and Selected Adult Morphological Characters."

2:30: Tom QUINN: "Dead Fish Stink."


3:00: B. R. DICKERSON, T. P. QUINN, and M. F. WILLSON: "Reproductive Behavior and Life History of Pink Salmon."

3:15: Martin UNWIN: "Home Away from Home: Chinook Salmon in New Zealand."

3:30: Stewart REID, D. MARKLE, T. FORBES, S. PEETS, and C. LORION: "Short Stories: The Biology of Lampetra minima in the Klamath Basin."

3:45: Cameron S. SHARPE, P. L. HULETT, C. U. WAGEMANN, and S. A. LEIDER: "Genetic Analysis of Kalama River Summer and Winter Steelhead: Discrete Population Structure Permits Partitioning of Hatchery and Wild Smolts Among Spawner Groups."

4:15: Adrian SPIDLE: "Effective Population Size in Coho Salmon."

4:30: Rebecca F. REUTER: "Detecting Essential Habitat for Dusky Rockfish (Sebastes ciliatus) from Commercial Fishery Data from the Gulf of Alaska."

Summary statement and official adjournment of the 1998 meeting.


Sunday, 20 September 1998:

8:00-8:30: BREAKFAST

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