1989 Annual GIS Meeting

AGENDA for the First Annual Meeting of the Reconstituted Gilbert Ichthyological Society, held this day, the Seventh of October, One thousand nine hundred and eighty nine, at the University of Washington, Seattle, Washington

1. Opening remarks and call of the role.

2. Formal reading of the Charter and Bye-laws of the society, and call for membership approval.

3. The reading of the Obligation.

4. Words from the President: Vice-Presidential appointment, other appointments, etc., etc., etc.

5. Nomination and election of new Fellows.

6. Resolutions: Secretary Harris, to the podium please.

7. Nomination and election of Distinguished Members, Foreign Members and Associate Members.

8. Nomination and election of next year's President.

9. Items of old business: President Dunn, WHO WAS CHARLES HENRY GILBERT?

10. Items of new business: plans for the 1990 Annual Meeting at Corvallis.

11. Distinguished Scientist Lecture: Prof. Douglas Markle, "ICHTHYOLOGICA OREGONIENSIS."


12. Paper session:

Carl BOND: "Lampetra richardsoni versus Lampetra pacifica."

Karl BROOKINS: "Neonate Surfperch Survival and Osmoregulation."

Morgan BUSBY: "Use of SLR and Video Camera Techniques in Early Life History Studies."

Ken CURRENS: "Genetics and Ceratomyxa Resistance in Oncorhynchus mykiss."

Fred GOETZ: "Juvenile Ecology of Salvelinus confluentus."

Phil HARRIS: "Development of Microstomus."

John KONECKI: "Ontogeny, Structure, and Function of the Internal Nares and Electric Organs of the Uranoscopid Genus Astroscopus."

Zhiming LIU: "Phylogeny of Living Chimaeroid Fishes."

Roberto MELENDEZ: "Systematics of Laemonema."

Jay ORR: "Phylogeny of Gasterosteiform Fishes."

Wayne PALSSON: "Systematics and Distribution of the Sea Moths."

Todd PEARSONS: "Fish Communities in the John Day River."

Tom QUINN: "The Myth of Salmon Homing."

John STADLER: "Functional Morphology of the Feeding Mechanism of Gobiesox maeandricus."

13. Summary statement and official adjournment of the 1989 meeting.

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