Pack Forest, Eatonville, Washington
September 28-30, 2007

Friday, 28 September

1600 - 1800 Arrival and Registration, Pack Hall

1800 Dinner, Dining Hall

1930 Business Meeting, Scott Hall

Saturday, 29 September

0730 - 0830 Breakfast

0845 - 0900 Opening Welcome

0900 - 1030 Presentations

1030 - 1100 Coffee Break

1100 - 1145 Presentations

1145 - 1200 Group Picture

1200 - 1315 Lunch

1315 - 1445 Presentations

1445 - 1515 Break

1515 - 1615 Presentations

1800 - 1900 Dinner

2000 Keynote Address: Christine Thacker, Evolution and ecology of the mutualism between gobies and shrimp on Pacific coral reefs.

Sunday, 30 September

0730 - 0830 Breakfast

1000 Checkout


All paper sessions were held in Scott Hall; for multi-authored papers, an asterisk (*) indicates the speaker.

0845 Ann Matarese Opening Remarks
Moderator Duane Stevenson

0900 Bob Lauth* and Kim Rand: Atka Mackerel (Pleurogrammus monopterygius) mating system and cannibalism: Behavorial and biological data to support genetic studies

0915 Pamela Woods*,Ole Seehausen, and Rudi Müller:

Complementary Effects of Egg Size and Genetic Embryonic Growth Rate Cause Asynchronous Hatch Times in Coregonus spp. Hybrids (Teleostei: Salmonidae)

0930 Doug Markle*, Sue Reithel, Tammy Wood, Torrey Tyler, Mark Terwilliger, John Crandall, and Dave Simon: Larval Transport as a Major Factor in Year-class Strength in Lake Fishes

0945 Ingrid Spies: DNA Barcoding: A Taxonomist's Friend or Foe?

1000 Piper Schwenke*, Linda Park, and Lorenz Hauser:

Investigating Genetic Introgression in Copper, Quillback, and Brown Rockfishes (Sebastes spp.) from Puget Sound, Washington

1015 James W. Orr* and Yohko Takata: Cartilages in the Jaws of Aeoliscus (Centriscidae: Gasterosteiformes): Additional Evidence for Monophyly of the Macroramphosa?

1030 Break

1100 Rachel Arnold: Resolving Frogfish Phylogeny: Evidence from Mitochondrial DNA

1115 Stewart Reid: The Peculiar Catfishes of the Modoc Triangle

1130 Robert N. Lea: Fishes Cast Upon the Waters

1145 Group Picture

1200 Lunch Moderator James Orr

1315 Christopher P. Kenaley: The Red Resolution: A Neuroanatomical and Tree-based Assessment of Photophore Homology and Evolution in the Loosejaw Dragonfishes (Stomiiformes: Stomiidae: Malacosteinae)

1330 Christina A. Murphy: Spectral Reflectance Patterns in Eastern North Pacific Tidepools

1345 Mary Moser* and Iain Russon: Responses of Pacific Lamprey Juveniles to Light and Current Velocity: the Ups and Downs

1400 Eric Miller: The Role of Light in Visually Mediated Burying Behavior of the Sand Lance Ammodytes hexapterus: Endogenous Rhythms

1415 Ben Frable* and Christopher P. Kenaley: Attaining the Unstainable: Sudan-black Nerve Staining of Finicky Fishes

1430 Adam Fleischer: The Abundance, Distribution, and Diversity of Ichthyoplankton in the Puget Sound and San Juan Islands during early spring

1445 Break

1515 Duane A. Stevenson*, James W. Orr, Gerald R. Hoff, and John D. McEachran: A Field Guide to the Sharks, Skates, and Ratfish of Alaska

1530 Jon Drake: NOAA Fisheries Species of Concern Program

1545 Martin R. Brittan: Richard Gordon Miller: Ichthyologist, Environmentalist, and Educator

1600 Mark R. Jennings: Some Early Reminisces of David Starr Jordan

1615 Mary Moser: A Tribute to Steve Berkeley

1630 Ann Matarese: Closing Remarks
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